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Shower Phone Cover

Shower Phone Cover

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يمكنكم الضغط على اشارة الواتساب للمزيد من التفاصيل او للشراء

✔️ Fast And Insured Shipping

✔️ Premium Quality

✔️ Safe And Easy To Use

The Shower Phone Cover is the perfect solution for those who love to stay connected and entertained while enjoying a refreshing shower.

✔️ Transparent Touch Screen Window

✔️ Waterproof Protection

✔️ Universal Compatibility

✔️ Built-In Holder for Accessories

With its waterproof design and secure seal, this phone cover allows you to safely use your smartphone in the shower, bathtub, or even by the pool.

Now you can listen to music, watch videos, or catch up on your favorite podcasts without worrying about water damage to your device.

The Shower Phone Cover is fully waterproof, allowing you to use your phone in wet environments without fear of damage.

The clear touch screen window allows you to navigate your phone's screen effortlessly, even while it's protected inside the cover.

You can easily answer calls, change songs, or browse your favorite apps without removing your phone from the cover.

Designed to fit most smartphones up to 6.5 inches in size, including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and more.

The adjustable strap and secure locking mechanism ensure a snug and secure fit for your device.

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